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The Vidi Life Collapsible Water Bottle

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        It’s about more than staying hydrated – it’s about increasing your brain’s temperature to eliminate dead cells and toxins. It’s about balancing mental chemical processes and keeping your cells active. It’s about kicking stress and anxiety to the curb so you can crush your goals and become the best version of you to date. Yes, this is more than a water bottle. Sure, it’s got all the perks you’d expect like full collapsibility and a BPA-free build, but it’s also the key to hydration, to motivation, to life acceleration.



Compact and light

BPA Free and Non toxic

Dishwasher Friendly


Food-grade Silicone 


Wide mouth base 

Narrow spout cap for easy drinking

Holds 18.6 ounces of fluid fully expanded



Expanded Height: 9 inches

Collapsed Height: 5 inches

Weight: 6 oz

Diameter: 2.75 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Perfect for traveling!

As a pilot I am on the go and always want to carry as little as possible. With this water bottle I can collapse it and throw it in to my flight bag without any worry of added weight or it taking up too much space. I absolutely love it!


Great water bottle. Very durable. Lots of compliments on the style!

Dim Mang
Excellent water bottle and pleasing to look at

I love this! I like the color, how well it holds up, and supporting this brand!

Cole Rabano

An aesthetically pleasing, compact design that is far more interesting than your average thermos or water bottle. Furthermore, the build quality is excellent and will withstand anything you can throw at it.

Rebecca Rabano
Love This Amazing Water Bottle!

So functional- great , light weight, collapsable design! Best of all, I’m not running through water bottles and taxing the environment. Thank you for this intelligent design!